Event Preparation

Whenever I have an event coming up I would like to make a list of everything I need to do before the event or function. As a women I always like to look and feel my best. I have a A-TYPE personality and therefore I love to plan lol! I find that a little pampering and prep can boost my confidence and help me to enjoy the event even more. As we all know at these vents there are always a photographer and therefore its important to tick all the boxes so that you ready from top to bottom.

2-3 Weeks before the event : Exercise , Diet ,Skin ,Booking appointments

  • Diet: Start incorporating leafy greens and more vegetables. I am all about juicing since I struggle with eating a lot of vegetables. Juicing is a way I get in micronutrients in to your body since it absorbed directly into your bloodstream and I can actually get it hands full of Cucumber, Kale ,broccoli into my system. If you struggle with drinking vegetable juice start by adding an apple to your green juice to add a bit of sweetness, this will make it easier to drink it until you get use to it 🙂 WATER WATER WATER I can’t emphasise this enough. I would suggest to drink 2litres a day. This will clear your skin up nicely and help with your make-up to look radiant and dewy.
  • Exercise: Try to attend at least 4 of your favourite gym classes/workouts a week. This will help with mental health as well as this will make you feel healthier and happier and automatically you will feel amazing.( I often struggle with this one, especially if work is hectic , but I do try lol)
  • Skin: If you follow these diet and exercise tips your skin look and feel better. One more tip for clearer skin – limit your intake of sugar and dairy
  • Outfit: Start searching on Pinterest/IG to get an idea of what you would like to go for. If you can’t find what you are looking for online or at the shops. My favourite go is always Best Friends Closet @bestfriendscloset
  • Appointment: Decide on which of the following is important to you and book that soonest hair, make-up, nails , lashes , spray tan.

My Favourite places to go to in Cape Town

Nails and browns and facials – Boudoir beauty @boudoirbeautycpt
Hair cut and colour @ashvsgold

1 week before event:

  • Hairstyling and make-up appointment
    • For make-up and hair bookings I am your go to girl 🙂 I love getting excited with my clients creating their tired look for there upcoming event
    • Check out my page at @daniellejacobs24
  • Hair colour and cut: Make sure to freshen up your colour even if it’s just a root touch up on highlighting your T-Section

1-2 days before Event:

Eyebrows: Get those babies cleaned up and shaped and if you have lighter brows a tint goes a long way
Nails: Choose a colour and works with the look you going with.
Tan: Make sure that you have tried this place before since no one likes looking orange or streaky

Day of Event

  • Water: Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate, you are likely to be having drinks at this event so it’s super important to drink enough water.
  • Food: Make sure to stick by your normal routine of at least 3 meals there is nothing worse than being moody or feeling fatigue. Try to stay away from foods that blood you. You would know your body best!
  • Execute: Go out and have a blast since your day would run smoothly due to all your planning!

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