"When I look back at my pictures on my wedding day, all I can do is sit back and smile. Yes it’s the memories of that day, but it is also the memory of the way I felt on that special day. Thanks to Danielle- Hair style on point, check, yes, tick. Make up on point, check, yes, tick. Dress I picked out on point, check, yes, tick. Camera ready - yes! Now when I look back and look at these incredible everlasting images I have plastered all over my living room wall, I thank Danielle. She with no doubt has a natural gift at doing hair and make-up, but it is her professionalism, dedication, friendly nature and the pure love for what she does, that sets her apart from everyone else in the industry. She just understand faces and understands hair, so it’s easy to trust her to guide you. Thank you for making me feel so confident in all my wedding images, it clearly shows."



"I absolutely loved working with Danielle. I felt so comfortable in her presence. I just love her energy! I felt like I could trust her completely since I had given her very few references. She is very talented and I couldn’t have been happier with the results 💋💋💋"


"Absolutely loved working with Danielle. She was easy to communicate with (I'm based in London) and made the entire process seamless. Her makeup and hairstyling was incredible, she knew exactly what I wanted and an added bonus that she is so lovely to be around. Even though our wedding plans changed last minute, she was super flexible and there when I needed. I would absolutely recommend her. Thanks Danielle! X"



"Danielle did a fantastic job doing the makeup for me and my bridal party for our wedding. I can imagine having to travel for a destination wedding can be rather challenging for a makeup artist. Danielle came to Italy for our wedding and did a wonderful job on everyone’s makeup and had a high level of professionalism and attention to detail. She did my makeup for all events of our wedding weekend. She nailed each look and made getting ready a breeze! I wish she could do my makeup everyday! I highly recommend Danielle for any of your special occasions or for a day you want to look you very best (-:"